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Dan Bloom & Moris Hasky talk about StartupStars, an innovative e-commerce platform that delivers the world of early-stage tech companies to subscribers all over the globe.

About Me   

With a responsibility to help humanity and believe that objective driven investments have the highest impact on the economy and improve the world's progress, I bring you closer to innovation.

I don't consider I have a solution for everyone, and that's not what I'm aiming.  I want to work with passionate people who believe in changing the world for the better — people who can visualize a brighter future and the road to get there. 

I believe in developing long term relationships and feeding them with mutual value.  

We can accomplish amazing things together. 


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Securing funds for startups

Supporting bilateral agreements

Now more than ever, Investing time and money in the right group can make a huge difference.  Here we believe that to increase the possibility of success you need to keep being relevant and compatible. 


We offer the opportunity to connect with thought and industry leaders, amazing startups and the startup ecosystem. 


Are you looking for startups?

my video roadshows

We search for innovation

We wrap it up in a package

We distribute  to  investors worldwide

High and low, near and far, we find Rock Stars

After understanding the necessities of our sponsors, we head out to find state of the art, booming tech that and is changing the world and then filter them to match your expectations. 

A professionally edited multi media production

There are two barriers to innovation:  Time and distance.  We are going heads on with a solution that is entertaining and useful.  You see, more than create and distribute a multimedia production to top investors worldwide, we also give a supported networking service that helps the viewer connect with the startups.  Great, isn't it?

Through our growing network of partners

We know everyone in the investment world, but our partners know everyone better.  Not only they are people who have extensive networks, but they influence to make your message speak out louder than anyone else. 

our meetup
  • Special guests from the Latin American startup ecosystem including pitch events, reverse pitch by VC's and corporate innovation guests.

  • Video broadcast of pitch events to Moris Hasky Innovation network.

  • Live, video pitch events for Latin American through a shared webinar

  • Networking with peers, growing your network and connections in the region



We can't reach our aspirations without amazing people that share our enthusiasm for innovative change.  That's why we choose to work with partners that influence decision makers by teaching and guiding toward the value and role of innovation in the world. 

We want to work with you.  Contact us and let's change the world for the better, together. 

Featured partner

Featured Project: Latin American Road Show - Jan 2019

Moris Hasky Innovation helps startups by breaking boundaries like time, distance and language, facilitating opportunities.


We are sharing our one to one startup interviews with our partners. 


Interested in meeting exciting startups?


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Wondering how to find startups that align to your objectives?

Together we can make this happen.  

Let's work together towards meeting the industry's top players.


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We know you feel passionate about innovation. We are passionate too.  Contact us!  Let us help. 

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